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By Philip Rebentisch, ACP Part II in a Series In my previous blogpost about sweepstakes and contests, I addressed the primary differences between those two types of prize promotions (chance vs. skill) and the need for Official Rules. This post examines user-generated content. For both sweepstakes and contests, a popular format invites entrants to upload, post, or otherwise share their photos, videos, Tweets, or other content on social media platforms or the sponsor’s website or.

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Sweepstakes and Contests: Not Knowing the Difference May Cost You!

By Philip Rebentisch, ACP Sweepstakes and contests are popular and fairly inexpensive promotional tools for almost any product or service category. They are regulated by a patchwork of state laws, federal law via the Deceptive Mail Prevention and Enforcement Act, and under certain circumstances, by the FTC.  As a result, campaign errors can quickly become a nightmare for the promotion’s sponsor, even for small-scale promotions. When planning a prize promotion, advertisers must know the differences.

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Native Advertising: FTC Policy Update

One of the Federal Trade Commission’s core missions is investigating and taking action against false and deceptive advertising claims. For any advertiser or marketer, being on the receiving end of an enforcement action is a serious, possibly long-term endeavor.  In late December 2015, the FTC released its Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements.  Clearly, the statement’s name alone sends a strong signal that the FTC sees native advertising, AKA, “Branded Content,” as an important issue.

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